About Me and my Adventures

Adventure is my Life and vice versa

Hi my name is Alec and am a traveller to the core. I live in Auckland New Zealand and love to travel and Barbados is my favorite location for party. The reason is the amazing diving options available there. I go to different locations in the country every summer. Now you would want to know my profession. Well I am a sports enthusiast and news reporter for Sky Sports always on the move.

This is my work and also my passion, to discover new locations around the world. I am active on social media also and this is my first with blogs. Here I would enter my experiences of my travel of really unknown locations, my holidays in Barbados and will also give some real good options for home stay as I prefer them over hotels. My parents are from England and I am planning to travel there in mid January. I love the country and its culture. Just watch my blogging space for all the above and some diving tips also.