Unique places to visit in Europe - Alberobello Village in Italy

5 unique places to visit in Europe

You visited Paris, Dubrovnik, Venice, Berlin and many other European cities and now you want something unique and extraordinary? Don’t you worry, Europe still has a lot to offer apart from its most popular tourist destinations. Read more about the most unique places to visit in Europe. One of the most attractive and unique places for holidays in Europe is Vila Franca do Campo islet in Portugal. A great number of tourists decide to visit the place for its unique shape which in some way looks like a slice of pizza. In the middle of the islet, there is a perfectly shaped circle filled with water connected to the ocean. The place might not have beaches but it seems that tourists don’t mind it at all because they still have enough to explore and enjoy. If you thought that small dimensional houses resembling the ones you’ve seen in The Hobbit do not exist, you probably haven’t heard of Alberobello Village in Italy. Its ancient dwellings which date back to sixteenth century will fascinate you. An interesting fact about the village is that locals still inhabit the houses with unique architecture. Simply put, if you are looking for unique places to visit in Europe, this village should be added to your travel list.


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