Must visit places in New Zealand – My Top 5

Must visit places in New Zealand - Milford Sound

There are many Places in New Zealand to visit and I am fortunate to have been a few times. To do justice to the country, the culture and the people, you really do need more than a couple of weeks to visit. For me, there are numerous must visit places in New Zealand, but for this post I will keep it to my top 5. The first of my must visit places in New Zealand would start with Milford Sound. This beautiful fjord was described by Kipling as the ‘eighth wonder of the world’ and it is truly magnificent and breathtakingly beautiful. Another must do is to visit with the whales; there are numerous tour options to do this and I would certainly put it on your agenda. These fabulous mammals are an unforgettable sight and seeing them in their own habitat will make a conservationist of anyone. Next try and take a ride on a train, in particularly the Taieri Gorge railway. Established in 1859, this trip takes you through some fantastic mountain scenery you would struggle to see any other way. Visit a volcano, extinct or active – the choice is yours. One I would suggest is White Island as walking in this sulphurous lunar type landscape is an awesome adventure. Finally, I cannot resist: As a lifelong fantasy addict I would be remiss in not including Hobbiton in my list. It is not every day you get a chance to visit Middle Earth! The movie set for The Lord of the Rings trilogy is a delight, great fun for adults and children and, in my opinion, not to be missed.


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