Summer holiday in Sweden

Summer holiday
A summer holiday is the time to enjoy yourself, relax and get yourself charged for the rest of the year. This is what I attempt to do every summer holiday, I love to travel to different locations and this year destination we decided on for the family’s trip was to Scandinavia. My brother has relocated on a small town on Norway/Sweden border and it was time he got a visit. While I was booking my flight I realized that I did not have enough money on hand, and that salary day was also a bit away. Then I saw this loan site with a guide to how to apply for a cash loan. It made my day as it was easy and I got the loan within 48 hours and was able to secure the flight I wanted. So booking our summer holiday was relatively stress free. I was so excited to actually be going to spend time with my big bro the rest of family over the moon that we was going to Euope. We landed in Oslo and my brother was there waiting for me. We had a nice road trip to the small town Stromstad where he lived. On the way we saw the waste power plant, where he works. The plant works on waste imported from outside the country, it speaks volumes for the superior waste management of Sweden that they actually import waste to recycle. Something for other countries to take note off I think. We had a nice time roaming around and also veered near the border from where we could actually see the other Nordic country, Norway. A really nice place for summer travel, but beware even summers are cold when compared to New Zealand.


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