The diverse and beautiful London

London the blend of old and new

Sorry folks it has been a busy fortnight in England for me. It was nice to catch up with old family and friends. It was really a nice travel experience I have noted down all visits and plan to share all my experiences in the days to come.

I have been always fascinated by iconic structures. They feature only next to my love to Museums. Old and new imposing structures are scattered all around London and I visited quite a few. Here is an account of the chosen ones.

Coca-Cola London Eye – Rotating over the Thames is the eye catching Coca-Cola London eye. It is the world‘s largest observation wheel. At 135 meters it gives an amazing view of the city of London. It feels like being on top of the world, flying like a bird. It is a much have experience if visiting London. It is an engineering marvel right in the heart of the city.

Tower of London – Once a place of torture, the tower of London is a must visit. You can witness history right there. The powerful fortress was the symbol of power in it’s hey days. Since 2012 Royal jewels are displayed here. It is a sight to behold.

Stonehenge – Just an hour and 45 minutes drive from the city is the mysterious stonehenge. Circularly placed huge stones have a mystery around them. Historians suppose that this was a place for pagan worship. Alien theorists say that it was built by aliens and is a portal to travel in space and time.

These were the things I saw in two days stay in London. The tower of London and Coca-Cola eye took my full day and the next day was Stone Hedge and oxford Castle tour. Next I am off to Paris. See you there with a lot of medieval history.


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